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Apple Business Connect: A cure for Apple Maps’ weak spot?

The Overture Maps Foundation:  Yet Another Global Map. But Will it Fly?

Why Geospatial Data is Stuck in the Year 1955

Are Consumer Maps Dead?

The Curse of Gerrymandering — & the Mapping Software Behind It

The Religious Question of HD Maps: Tesla vs. Everybody Else

Location Harvesting, Personal Information Brokers & Assholes

Why Rating Systems for Places & POIs Suck… and a Possible Fix

The Long Journey of Apple Maps: Abject Horror to Surprise & Delight

Amazon + Roomba = Indoor Map Vacuuming? Discuss.

The Underlying Angst of Google Maps and Apple Maps

Tsunami Warning:  Indoor Maps

The Intriguing History of the Map Navigation Symbol

Welcome to Map Happenings!

12 Map Happenings That Rocked Our World

Part 1 — The First Map

Part 2 — The Birth of Coordinates

Part 3 — Road Maps!

Part 4 — The Epic Quest for Longitude

Part 5 — The Dawn of Tube Maps

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